Our living science kits and live animal classroom projects are replacement only, we do not offer refunds on living animals. We replace in-season providing conditions for exchange are met: if the season is over, we will offer you a credit for the following year. 

Keep in mind that you are dealing with live animals, and their needs are far more complex than might be considered initially. We expect due diligence on behalf of our customers, and we are ready with everything you need to help you get set up - both physically and mentally - for working with these living animals. Please ensure you contact us if you are confused at any point.


A shipping date is not a delivery date. The date appearing on your invoice is an estimated  shipping date: the delivery date and especially the delivery time is our of our hands as your parcel will be delivered on a schedule organized by the agents and drivers as they process your parcel through their system. 

When you place an order with us (by phone, email, fax, or online store), we will process it within 1-4 business days. At that point, we will send you an email with an attached invoice for your order. Please ensure you open this attachment and review it for mistakes: your invoice is your final chance to correct issues. 

If one or more information fields on the invoice are inaccurate, our couriers may be delayed or prevented from delivering your order. Missing information slows the drivers down. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for associated costs with correcting invoices or information on behalf of the customer.

In such cases, the following may apply:

  • Application of reshipping fees should your address need to be corrected and the order re-sent
  • Application of reshipping fees in the event of incorrect shipping date
  • Full cost of replacement order and shipping should the animals die due to shipping/ship date negligence or incorrect information.

​This includes a phone number: our couriers cannot deliver without a phone number, and we need one in case of emergency.

These little living animals are important, and they need to get to the right place on time. We double-check everything as carefully as we can, but when we have higher than usual order volumes, we rely on you to proofread your invoice for issues. ​We cannot pause the life cycle of an animal, nor can we replace them if they are damaged, disrupted or hurt because of negligence. We are not going to put our animals at undue risk: thank you for your understanding on this. 


Sorry, no refunds; replacement only.

Due to the delicate nature of these living creatures, we cannot guarantee a 100% survival rate. Nature is not perfect; in the wild, survival rates would naturally be very low, with only around 5% of butterflies surviving to adulthood. We cannot assume all will survive, and in proper laboratory conditions we can expect a survival rate of 70%-90%. Please incorporate these statistics into your lesson plan, and never assign a single caterpillar to a single participant. It is best to observe insects as a population. For unusually high larvae losses (over 40%-50%), we are happy to offer a full replacement of your kit at no extra charge if reported to us within 30 days of receipt of shipment, and providing evidence that the losses are not due to improper handling or sanitation protocol. Typically, we replace kits in-season, so that the experience of your study group (the kids) is not diminished.

Please see our Larvae Replacement Policy (included in your instructions) for detailed information on how to do this, and contact us at the first sign of any trouble! If you think something is amiss, let us know sooner rather than later so we can get a replacement to you as quickly as possible.

We do not guarantee larvae for live release events; because their emergence rate as adults can vary by up to a week, timing a purchase of larvae to release them as adults at your memorial or wedding is not something we recommend, as it is hard to get the timing right. We do not guarantee this and it would be at consumer`s risk. We always recommend buying the adults directly, so that you are not disappointed on your special day.


Please be aware that mantis ootheca are NOT guaranteed, and we do not replace unhatched ootheca because it is normal for around 5% of them to be infertile. Mantis ootheca are also unpredictable by nature; we have seen them take anywhere between 2 days and 10 weeks to hatch, though average hatch times occur between 2 and 4 weeks. There is no way to predict any of this, and we also have no way of guaranteeing success rates once environmental variables are introduced.


Adult butterflies are guaranteed during shipping. Make sure you tell us when your event is, so that we can plan shipping with enough lead time to ensure they arrive to you in advance! We maintain a high standard of quality and only ship our healthiest individuals, and all of your butterflies should arrive perfectly fine on priority-overnight (1-2 days) delivery. On rare occasions a butterfly will pass away before the point of release from reasons we were unable to diagnose. To accommodate this, we always include extra butterflies with your order - 10% on top of what you ordered. Please notify us immediately if you find that some of your butterflies were not alive: we care a lot about these little creature and appreciate all information available.

  • OTHER LIVING SCIENCE KITS (bees, isopods, etc):

Bees, fruit flies, isopods, worms, and other living science kits are a one-time purchase and are not guaranteed. Please read your invoice and the terms and conditions carefully. Once delivery is complete, the welfare of the organisms is in the hands of the customer. All our organisms will be delivered with detailed instructions on their husbandry, feeding and care, so please be sure to read those as well: you can ask for instructions in advance if you desire. Many of these animals require significant work on the part of the buyer, well past what we can provide on paper: ensure you are prepared and equipped to care for the animals you have purchased. However, if something does go wrong, contact us immediately as we will help in any way we can. We want the best for our animals and are anxious to help them thrive. In the event that you are no longer happy with your animals, please contact us to return them to where they are safe or re-home them. 

Mason Bees Specifically:

Be aware that the shipping times for bees are extremely unpredictable and you need to be prepared to prioritize their arrival on the shipping week you are quoted. Shipping dates are not a delivery date: the bees can arrive throughout the week because we ship them on the same day they arrive from emergence, and the exact day is up to them. We will notify you by phone call and you will receive a waybill with details from Purolator. Precise delivery times will be subject to the route plan of the shipping agent and we have no control over that. If you are purchasing bees, you are agreeing to this. 

If we identify a longer than 1.5 day window for delivering bees, we will contact you for other options as this is not safe for the bees.


If you would like to cancel or change your order (including the shipping date) for any reason, you must notify and recour office at least 1 full business day (24 business day hours) before your listed shipping date. Please note that evenings, weekends, and stat or civic holidays are not acceptable for notifications as we are often not available during those times. If you are facing a weekend or a long weekend, give your email or phone call extra time.

If due notice is not given, the full cost of  products and shipping will still apply. Please phone us directly, or write us an email and title it "CANCELLING ORDER #(your invoice)". Your order will not be considered formally cancelled until you have received confirmation from our office. 

​For all emergencies, call us at 780-462-1839. Our line rings busy quite often (especially in the spring) but please leave a message! We return calls as quickly as we are humanly able. 

Butterfly Wings N` Wishes is dedicated to your positive experience. We have listed our sales policies here to make things easy for you, but if at any point you are concerned about your order please contact us by phone:


By agreeing to do business with us you hereby agree to abide by all terms and conditions as presented by Butterfly Wings N' Wishes Ltd. as listed here or on our warranty policy. ​​



-Maximum 30 attendees. Firm. This is for the safety of the attendees and the safety of our animals. If there are a larger number of attendees, we may require your group to be split and rescheduled, meaning you will be charged for a second presentation. This number DOES include adults who are actively participating in the class, though it may not include adults who are monitoring, or aides, providing they are silent observers and not disturbing the animal interactions.

If you have a group that is "on the cusp," with attendees between 30-35, please declare this to us when you book: we have solutions for you.

-AGE: We absolutely do not provide programming for children under the age of 3, and 3 can be too young as well, as kids do mature at different rates.This is due to concerns regarding animal safety and content. Kids 3-4 may require each child to be closely monitored by adult attendees such as teachers or volunteers: this is a science program and interactions between animals and young attendees may be restricted if we feel the attendees do not exhibit behaviour that is safe around the animals. This is for the safety of the child and the safety of our animals. We are on the lookout for behaviours like putting hands in mouths, grabbing the animals, or not staying seated for the hour long presentation - if you think this might be the case, let us know! We have options and customization of presentations may be available, but we must be informed in advance

-LENGTH: Presentations are one hour long, and are priced per hour. We do not provide partial presentations, though extended ones can be requested. 

-ROOM REQUITEMENTS: We require a sealed room with doors that fully close for any presentations involving invertebrates (this includes classes with a mix of animals). Presentations with bugs are NOT appropriate for a gym, cooperative space (such as open-format care centers) or a larger area wherein the doors cannot be fully closed sealed. 

-Presentations more than 20 km OUTSIDE the Edmonton Area are subject to a $0.60 per kilometer mileage/accommodation/animal care and management fee. We can divide these fees between multiple locations, so if you are in a remote location, it is a great idea to bundle presentations with nearby facilities to share costs.

-Our presenters monitor interactions between the kids and the animals, but accidents do happen, and it is our job to ensure the safety of all participants. Our presenters will set boundaries as they see fit, to keep our animals safe. If you have preferred techniques for interacting with and/or communicating boundaries with the kids in your care, please let our presenter know at the beginning of your session, so that we are able to provide a line of best-fit to enrich the experience.

-None of our programs are appropriate outside. If you are hosting a nature walk and are interested in hiring one of our specialists to take you, your friends, and your kids on it, we love this idea!! Call us right away. Prices for this are negotiable.


-A presentation includes 7-10 animals (excepting Wetland Workshops, which has more) and will take our speaker only a few minutes to set up. All animals are from our federally approved laboratory facility in southeast Edmonton, and we hold permitting where required under CFIA regulation for potential plant pests.

-Specialty animals can be requested on a first-come, first serve basis (if you, for instance, would like a special snake guest star with your bugs & butterflies presentation, or are specifically interested in turtles, amphibians, arachnids, etc).

-Our presenters all hold up-to-date security clearance for schools, and their expertise may range from early-education, special needs, or higher educations, so if you have a special request we can often accommodate. The presenters are very adaptive and can respond well to the fast-paced learning environment of an active group. 

-We are currently offering presentations in English, Spanish (Latin American), and Italian. We are working on our French but not yet at a fluent level - please inquire about french-language programs :)


-Invoices are considered formal work orders. Please review your invoice carefully to ensure there are no mistakes in the information we have been given for you. Butterfly Wings N' Wishes is not responsible for performance delay or failure due to incorrect information on the invoice. Incorrect information is the most common cause of issues: please review the date, hour, type of presentation, and location to ensure that there is no margin for error. 
-A contact phone number is required for the presentations staff as they come to you. Please ensure that the phone number you have given us can be used by our presenter in case of emergency.


-Do not pay your presenter. Our presenters are contract workers, and cannot accept payment on behalf of the office here. They are often traveling far from the laboratory for days at a time and we cannot hold them responsible for your money. 

We are happy accept:

-credit cards over the phone

-email money transfer

-cheque by mail in advance

For schools and formal institutions who would like specialty payment arrangements through their district or secretary, please let us know when you order and we will be pleased to accommodate. 

For private events, we require payment in advance of the presentation (no exceptions). 


Notification of cancellation/rescheduling/etc on the part of the Client must be delivered and confirmed by our office a minimum 5 business days before the date of the presentation scheduled. Notification delivered on evenings or weekends will not be processed until the next business day; please factor that into your notification timeline.

Failure to provide our office with due notice (full 5 business days) of a cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost of your invoice. Late notice means we cannot reschedule our outreach staff and they are out of work.  100% of the cancellation fee goes directly to them.

For all emergencies, call us at 780-462-1839. Our line rings busy quite often (especially in the spring) but please leave a message! We return calls as quickly as we are humanly able.