Cancelling your Order/

Changing your Shipping Date/Address:

​If you would like to move the shipping date: please must notify us at least 5 business days before your previous shipping date. Evenings, weekends, and holidays are not appropriate and cannot be considered valid for notification. Please note that although we can reschedule to later dates, we cannot usually ship any earlier.

  • If we do not receive adequate notice of rescheduling or of address change, your order will still be shipped as originally agreed. The cost of  product and shipping will still apply, as well as any further shipping charges for later dates.

Please note that we cannot fulfill date changes in a sold out caterpillar season.

To cancel or change an order: Please contact us IMMEDIATELY if you identify a scenario that requires you to cancel your order. It is our ongoing nightmare that a live animal will arrive at a destination where there is no one to care for it.

  • Please phone us directly at 780-462-1839and talk directly with a team member. We will update your invoice by hand and send you a confirmation. Our phones often ring busy, so keep calling or leave a message.


3) Review Your Invoice:

There is no margin for error for shipping live animals. Errors lead to:

  • unsafe situations for the animals
  • shipping delays or losses
  • missing or incorrect products


If we receive no feedback from you, we will assume the information on the invoice is correct and ship as is. 

  • DISCLAIMER: In the event that information on the invoice was incorrect, Butterfly Wings N' Wishes cannot be held responsible for any additional costs relating (but not limited to): replacements, redirections during shipping, reshipping, or returning the shipment to us.
  • We cannot pause the life cycle of an organism: we ask that you place priority on them for the duration of your time with them.
  • We do not offer refunds or credits for shipping failures due to negligence on the part of the buyer. ​


Group Orders:

Shipping too costly? Get a few friends or colleagues together, and place a group order to split the shipping! This only applies if all items are going to the same destination. 

We can fit quite a few items in a box before shipping fees change (usually between 20-40 kits, depending on the kit type). 

To place a group order:

-All items must be combined and submitted to us together, in a single order, with only one point of contact

-We also require a subsequent single payment.

Existing orders can be revised after they were placed by the person who placed the order. 

We cannot authorize any invoice revisions by someone other than the party whose name is on the invoice.

Do not tell people they can phone us and add onto your order to get shipping discounts: we cannot authorize this. You must do it yourself. 

Group shipments are subject to caterpillar availability.

Subsequent replacements and warranty claims must be reported through the original purchaser of the group order.

​​2) Your Invoice:

If you do not receive an invoice,something has gone wrong. Check your junk folder first.

Your formal invoice is also your shipping confirmation. You will find your confirmed shipping date in the top right corner of the invoice.

Formal invoices always start with the same number as the spring we're in: IE 20 for 2020, 21 for 2021. 


Why so expensive?

We ship fast and gentle, which isn't cheap.

You`re paying for speed and careful handling of living beings: any less, and the well-being of the animals is at risk. 

  • Orders are shipped on Mondays (unless Monday is a holiday), with the exception of live adult butterflies for special events (which  are shipped directly in advance of your event). We do not offer shipping on other days of the week for most products. 
  • For Edmonton shipping, we use a private courier service called Firestar. Your order will be hand-delivered by one of the drivers. 
  • For locations outside of Edmoton, all orders are Purolator.
  • Combine your shipping with some friends for no extra cost: all the orders will arrive to the same location in the same box with only 1 shipping fee. If you want this option, do not order through the online store: it is a robot and does not know how to do this yet. Call us instead, at 780-462-1839.


The Fine Print:
We really can't emphasize it enough: it's critical you give us the right information for shipping.
This is not a toy picked off a shelf that can sit in a depot for weeks. These animals are extremely fragile and timely: accurate delivery is of utmost importance. We have no way of knowing if the information we have been given for you is correct: so the information on the invoice and it's accuracy is your responsibility to review. 

If one or more information fields on the invoice are inaccurate or missing you can expect the following outcomes

  • Application of adjustment fees if your order is delivered to the wrong location
  • Application of reshipping fees should your order need to be reshipped to you/a new order sent out in replacement​
  • You order not being shipped at all 

We do not offer refunds or credits for shipping failures or other issues due to negligence on the part of the customer. 

There are three steps to every shipment:

1) Place your order (by phone, email, or through the online store)

2) We will provide you with a formal invoice & shipping confirmation (using the info we received)

3) Review your invoice to ensure accuracy. This is your chance to correct mistakes. ​​

Shipping Information 

​We ship live animals. This means our requirements and policies will be different from what you are used to. We take the wellbeing of our animals extremely seriously.

Ensure you also read the sales Terms and Conditions before you order.

Below are some critical details for you to know.

Scroll down for prices.

​​Notes about the online store:

  • If your online order is missing critical information, such as phone number or a physical address, it will be cancelled and refunded. 
  • If you want or need two shipping dates, you must place two separate orders online (or just call us so we can do it for you)
  • The order complete notice you receive from the website is not an invoice: that will arrive within 5 days providing your order was confirmed.


​​Our "Arrive Alive" Policy

Providing the information on the invoice is correct, we guarantee that the animals will arrive alive. If this was not the case

  • we need to know know immediately, within 24 hours of arrival. 
  • You will need to provide photographs of the order as it appeared when opened: please send your claim with the photographs replacements to Focus on any damage, dead animals, or any other issues in your shots. 
  • Replacements are typically shipped the same week
  • If your order arrives missing products: Whoops! Even we make mistakes. Call us within 24 hours (phone is preferred - 780-462-1839) and describe the issue. We can often have replacements out the next day.

Exceptions include error, loss, or delay due to inaccuracies on the invoice, not opening the order immediately, or leaving it too long for pickup.


1) Place Your Order

Please provide us with:

  • Full name of Recipient
  • Name of the school, facility or business location (if applicable)
  • Valid daytime phone number (this is for shipping emergencies: make sure it is a number someone can answer immediately)
  • Valid Email
  • Physical Address (PO boxes are not valid)
  • Your preferred shipping date (we will confirm if it is available)

If you order in peak season (March-May), be aware we cannot guarantee the availability of advertised ship dates, as they can sell out very suddenly based on online order volume.

To prevent this, place your preorder before peak season.


​​Shipping Rates & Times

Shipping is a flat rate based on speed: our parcels must arrive in the shortest time possible to minimize stress on the animals. We ship fast and safe, and the contents are alive: prices are high. 

  • If these costs are prohibitively high, we suggest grouping together with some friends: we can typically fit 20-30 items in a box before a price increase occurs. Group orders must be placed as a single order with one payment. 

We do not offer pickup in Edmonton.

All parcels are shipped priority overnight, which typically sets you with overnight delivery. Occasional delays of a day or two occur in about 10% of orders.

Shipping is ONLY available on weekdays. For adult butterfles, we require a minimum 2 day lead time in advance of your event. 

Within Edmonton

  • (arrives same day it ships)

Within 40 KM of Edmonton                                       $15.00 

  • (overnight: parcel arrives the next day)  

Elsewhere in Alberta:                                                 $25.00

  • (overnight: parcel arrives next day, unless very remote)

Shipping to other provinces:                                    $35.00 

  • (overnight: parcel arrives next day, unless very remote)

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Laborador               $45.00-$50.00   

  • (2-4 days for arrival)

YT, NT, NVT                                                                 $50.00 +

  • (2-4 days for arrival)     


Orders are always shipped on the first day of a work week, unless it`s adult butterflies, which are shipped minimum 2 days in advance of your event date.

We do not currently offer shipping outside of Canada.