This is the information we need for completing your order:

Your full name 
The name of the school, facility or business location (if applicable)
Valid phone number (in case of emergency)
Valid Email
Physical Address (PO boxes do not work)

Your preferred shipping date

*If you are aware that you live in a location no couriers deliver to, please contact us directly! We can find a Purolator or Fedex broker nearby who will take the parcel on your behalf. 


We really can't emphasize it enough: it's critical you give us the right information. This is not a car part picked off a shelf that can sit in a depot for weeks. These animals are extremely fragile and timely: accurate delivery is of utmost importance. We have no way of knowing if the information we have been given for you is correct: so the information on the invoice and it's accuracy is your responsibility to review.  If one or more information fields on the invoice are inaccurate or missing you can expect the following outcomes

  • Application of adjustment fees if your order is delivered to the wrong location
  • Application of reshipping fees should your order need to be reshipped to you/a new order sent out in replacement​
  • You order not being shipped at all 

We do not offer refunds or credits for shipping failures or other issues due to negligence on the part of the customer. 

The welfare of our animals is of utmost importance and we consider their well-being our priority. 

Keep in mind that we are shipping live animals. As such, our shipping requirements may be different from what you are used to. Ensure you read the entirety of our shipping policy (Under "Terms and Conditions") before you order.

Please be aware that we cannot ship to a PO box. 


Butterfly Wings N' Wishes Ltd guarantees live animals throughout shipping as long as shipping losses are reported within 24 hours of receiving your parcel. It is important that the information you have provided is correct on your invoice; please review all paperwork to ensure accurate delivery.

Some exceptions may apply; please review the following: ​​


The listed shipping date on your invoice is not a delivery date. We ship everything express overnight, so most parcels will arrive the day after the shipping date: please allow an extra day for some remote locations (some rural locations have non-daily delivery schedules) , and for locations particularly far away from Edmonton, that may be further extended. Certain species we sell cannot be shipped on longer trips: we will notify you if this is the case. Caterpillars are all shipped with enough food to survive 5 days.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with your attached invoice within 1-4 days; this is your opportunity to review your invoice and by extension the information we have for you. Incorrect information will lead to unsafe situations for the animals, shipping delays, or missing parcels, and all associated fees.

It is important that you notify us of any mistakes on your invoice: if we receive no feedback, we will assume the information we have is correct. If, during transit, your parcel is delayed, sent to the wrong place, or needs to be reshipped at any point, you will be responsible for all applicable address correction /delivery adjustment fees.

These little living animals are important, and they need to get to the right place on time. We check everything as carefully as we can, but when we have higher than usual order volumes, we rely on you to provide the correct information.

We cannot pause the life cycle of an animal, nor can we replace them if they are damaged or hurt because of negligence. We are not going to put our animals at undue risk: thank you for understanding. In the event that information on the invoice was incorrect, Butterfly Wings N' Wishes cannot be held responsible for shipment delay/failure or any associated correctional costs.


-We do not take this lightly. Our animal's health is of utmost priority. We ship animals as quickly as possible, to limit the amount of time they spend in transit. We use only trusted couriers, and because of the expedited nature of the order, prices can be higher than you may be used to.  

Orders are shipped on Mondays, with the exception of live adult butterflies for special events (these are shipped directly in advance of your event). We do not offer shipping on other days of the week for most products. 

- For locations outside of Edmonton, we ship priority overnight with Fedex or Purolator depending on the location of the recipient. Shipping times vary depending on the courier, so we select the quickest on a case-by-case basis to ensure efficiency. All orders are shipped priority overnight, and in most cases will arrive within 1-2 business days, depending on your location in Canada. If you are located in a particularly remote region, it may take an extra business day or so (review the following).

-For Edmonton shipping, we use a private courier service called Firestar. Your order will be hand-delivered by one of our trusted private drivers. 

-Combination shipping is available at no extra cost for multiple orders going to the same destination on the same date. Just let us know!

- Live animals are shipped weather permitting. Should the temperatures be on the cooler or warmer side, we will take measures to ensure your animals are appropriately cared for. 


Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and other major Canadian cities :           next day (via air express)

Locations in The Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI:                                   2-3 business days

Smaller Canadian towns outside of metropolitan regions:                                                                    2-3 business days

Edmonton:                                                                                                                                             same day via private courier car. 


Shipping in Edmonton:                               $15.00
Shipping within Alberta:                             $25.00
Shipping elsewhere in Canada:                   Starting at $35.00 (prices will be quoted by your postal code)

We do not currently offer shipping outside of Canada.

Please note that if the weather is particularly cold, or if you are requesting a live product out of season, we may need to include a heat pack. Heat packs are 5.00 apiece, and we only include them if temperatures will be lower than the animals can tolerate. 


​If you would like to cancel your order, move the shipping date, or otherwise change your order, you must notify our office at least 1 full business day in advance of the ship date. Evenings, weekends, and holidays are not appropriate and cannot be considered valid for notification. For instance, if your order is expected to ship on a Monday, we expect notification no later by the end of the workday on Thursday.

If we do not receive adequate notice, your order will still be shipped. The cost of  product and shipping will still apply, as well as any further shipping charges for later dates. To cancel or change an order:

  • Please phone us directly at 780-462-1839 and talk directly with a team member. We will update your invoice by hand and send you a confirmation.
  • Send an email to with the title "CANCEL ORDER #(your invoice)". Your order will be considered formally cancelled when you have received confirmation from our office.