​*2 hours:  $265.00

Available from May 25-June 15th

Join us to explore the incredible diversity in Alberta's back yard. Our wetlands are a critical habitat for countless species including reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, as well as larger mammals, birds and migrants. Learn about the ecology of a wetland, discover the vast diversity in a even a liter of swamp water, and get up-close and personal with some of the most charismatic of our aquatic and semi-aquatic inhabitants. Featuring live encounters with native reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. This workshop is seasonal (warm weather).

Suitable for Grades 4 and up

Specifically designed for Gr5 unit "Wetland Ecosystems." Gr7, "Interactions and Ecosystems," Gr8 "Freshwater & Saltwater Systems," and Forestry & Conservation Programs.


Meet a selection of our most friendly and exciting animal friends - of your choice! We'll bring invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians for a custom-curated, specialized program just for you. This program is intended to be catered based on what you want, so let us know your needs: we promise to give you and your students an experience that will last a lifetime.

​Suitable for most ages

Customized to Curricula

Examples: Animal Anatomy, Exoskeletal Structures, Biodiversity, Life Cycle Diversity, Tactile Learning for Special Needs


 Our class presentations can be customized to suit your group, whatever it may be:

Schools - youth groups - daycare & early education - scouts/girl guides - forest wardens - 4H - hospitals

special needs & assisted care - library programs - BIRTHDAY PARTIES!

Or just for fun! You're never to old to learn!

We pride ourselves on our vast and diverse experience. All of our educators and handlers have been expertly trained in all animals provided, and hold certified up-to-date criminal record checks and security clearance. We are fully insured and approved by the Education Boards of both Calgary and Edmonton, as well as Provincial Area Boards across Alberta.


Decomposers: the fascinating, underappreciated and incredibly vital organisms that clean up our world. Learn how to set up a Worm Composter using red wiggler and earthworms. Meet a variety of isopods and cockroaches - some of nature's most efficient recyclers!  We provide the supplies, kids provide the enthusiasm - dig around in dirt and find out how these critters keep our world clean. Learn the difference between what can and can't be recycled by nature, and why.

Suitable for Grade 3 -4 and up

Curriculum base: Gr4, "Waste and our World."


Find out what is happening to our pollinators - butterflies, bees, wasps, flies, moths and others. Learn about the diversity and ecology of insect-plant interactions. We'll focus on indigenous Alberta species so you can take this knowledge and apply it in the backyard. Habitat, backyard bees, unexpected pollinators (did we say wasps?) and attracting these delicate and crucial insects to your garden will all be discussed. Find out what you can do, and how to help.

*Note that this program is in lecture format, and NOT appropriate for children under Grade 6.

Curriculum Base: Gr7, "Interactions and Ecosystems,"  Gr9, "Biological Diversity," and for Forestry & Conservation Programs outside of school.


All living things utilize adaptations to respond to life's needs in order to survive, hunt, and thrive in a dangerous world. These adaptations may be physical or behavioral. Join us as we explore the weird and wonderful world of creature habits; what they use to defend themselves, and how they trick their predators. We'll bring in a variety of unusual critters to illustrate things like the difference between poison and venom, complex mimicry, signs of danger, and debunk some of the biggest myths about nature's creepiest crawlies. 

Not appropriate for young kids

Suitable for  Grade 9, "Biological Diversity, High School Life Science, and Outdoor Ed programs.  


Have an idea for a class structure all your own? We'd love to work with you! Phone or email us today.

Curriculum Based Programming

Developed with education and classroom enrichment in mind


Weekday Presentation (during the school year):                  $159 (1 hour)

Subsequent Presentations, same day & location:                 $149 (1 hour)

​Evening/Weekend/Summer Presentation:                            $174​ (1 hour)

Prices do not include GST or other taxes. Please be aware there is a mileage/accommodation/production fee applied to all presentations outside of the Edmonton area.

Classes can also be customized - just ask us how!

There is a firm maximum of 30 attendees per class. No exceptions. 

We do not offer programs for children under 3 years of age.

Please notify us if your group is 3-4, or mostly pre-kinder: not all our content or animals will be appropriate. We are an education business.


What is the difference between a butterfly and a moth? How do they eat? How does a chrysalis form?

Native butterfly life cycle stages are explored along with a selection of other arthropods: millipedes, centipedes and flying insects, as well as exotics like tarantulas, scorpions, hissing cockroaches and many more! A fast-paced, exciting, and high-impact class to really wow your students.

Suitable for most ages

Curriculum base:  Gr1, "Needs of Animals and Plants," Gr2 "Small Crawling and Flying,"  Gr3 "Animal Life Cycles."


How many kinds of frogs do we have in Alberta? How many kinds of toads? Snakes? Or Salamanders? Examples of these are brought in for a visit with the kids for an exciting, safe and memorable hands-on learning experience focused on native species, but with a side-by-side comparison of beautiful, charismatic exotic animals we can all fall in love with. 

Suitable for most ages

Curriculum base: Gr2, "Small Crawling and Flying," Gr3, "Hearing and Sound," Gr3, "Animal Life Cycles."

In-School Field Trips & Outreach

Across Alberta

Education - Conservation - Inspiration

As Alberta's leading environmental educators, we believe education is the key to conservation.  We offer specialized educational programs featuring live animals, appropriate for various ages and groups. we believe our animal ambassadors have the capacity to create an emotional link between children and their natural world unrivaled by videos, the internet, or pictures.

Without the interest of future generations many fascinating species are in danger of disappearing forever.  Children are our future - and the future of the planet.  We work with your curriculum or focus to ensure we provide every child with the best possible experience. 

"In the end we will only conserve what we love;

we will only love what we understand;

and we will only understand what we have been taught."

-Baba Dioum

 Classes are about one hour long, and content will vary depending on grade level (so please let us know the target age group!).  Our focus is on Alberta Wildlife, with live animals brought to the classroom for a hands on, up close learning experience.  We provide interesting facts about conservation of wildlife, habitat, animal characteristics, adaptions, behaviors, fun facts, and always delivered with focus on the child as an individual. Students have the opportunity to get to know their visitors, with lots of time for questions.

Our animals are are rescued, rehabilitated, or otherwise obtained through ethical means such as adoption through a rescue agency or wildlife agency. No animals are captured from the wild. Our laboratory is fully CFIA-permitted and certified, approved as a secure facility for housing organisms of special consideration.

Our specialty is native species, and our mandate is conservation!

Interested in conservation of our local land? This workshop is specifically geared towards introducing and exploring some of Canada's most fertile, complex and productive biomes: the wetlands. This program is ideal for older groups, and may not be appropriate for kids under grade 3-4: