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​Programs are priced per hour, with 30 participants max.

​​All programs are available in-person or virtually.

You are welcome to take as many photos as you like at no extra cost!

IN PERSON PROGRAMS (we bring the bugs to you)

Weekdays (during the school year):
$174.00   -   first presentaiton
$164.00   -   any subsequent same-day presentations of the same type

Evening/Weekend/Summer Presentations & Event Displays:
$184.00   -   per hour

Mileage (charged on destinations greater than 40km ourside of Edmonton)
$00.61    -   per kilometer

VIRTUAL PROGRAMS (we join you online from the lab)

$110.00   -   per presentation

$100.00    -  any subsequent same-day presentations of the same type


Full terms and conditions will be linked in your email and on your invoice, as well as being available here. 

  • Programs are 1 hour long
  • Programs feature 6-8 species per hour. 
  • All content is curated to age group and curriculum
  • We provide everything necessary: no volunteers or supplies required


For in person programs:

  • Our capacity is 30 participants.​
  • Programs are designed to be indoors. For outdoor bookings, we will need to investigate the space available, and success will be weather-dependent.
  • We can not​ offer programming for kids under the age of 3.
  • The room must have a closeable door. If space cannot be closed, let us know: because there are certain animals we cannot bring.
  • Please do not use hand sanitizer directly prior to event. However, washed hands (soap and rinse well with water) are great!
  • If kids are young enough to sit in a circle on the floor that works great. However, for older kids like grade 3, we can use desks: just ensure they are clean and free of food and other items.
  • Participants should not be eating during the program.
  • Our “special guests” require a fragrance free environment.
  • If you have any special considerations or requests, please email us, we always do our best to accommodate!

All of our educators have been trained at length in both inquiry-based education and on all animals provided. We know the way we communicate is just as important as what we're communicating!

Everyone on the team holds certified up-to-date criminal record checks. We are fully insured and are a registered vendor with all major Education Boards of both Calgary and Edmonton, as well as Provincial Area Boards across Alberta.​


Reptile & Amphibian In School Field Trip Info


​We offer three programs currently:

Outreach & In-School Field Trips

Based in Edmonton - Programs offered across Alberta - in person on

Education - Conservation - Inspiration

As Alberta's leading environmental educators, we believe education is the key to conservation. 

We offer specialized educational programs featuring live animals, appropriate for various ages and groups.

We believe our animal ambassadors have the capacity to create an emotional link between the next generation and their natural world unrivaled by videos, the internet, or pictures.

Without the interest of future generations many fascinating species are in danger of disappearing forever.   We work within the curriculum to ensure the most advantageous learning experience possible.  

"The more your understand your world,

the more interesting things become."​

Our animals are are rescued, rehabilitated, or otherwise obtained through ethical means such as adoption through a rescue agency or wildlife agency. No animals are captured from the wild. Our laboratory is CFIA-permitted and certified as a secure facility for housing organisms of special consideration.

Our specialty is native species, and our mandate is conservation!

Butterfly Wings N' Wishes respectfully acknowledges that we are located on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional gathering place for diverse Indigenous peoples including the Cree, Saulteaux, Niisitapi, Metis, Nakota Sioux, Dene, Inuit, and many others whose histories, languages, and cultures continue to influence our business, our way of life, and our community. Their spiritual and practical relationships with the land create a rich heritage for our learning and our life as a community.


Butterflies & Bugs In School Field Trip Info
Mixed critters and creatures, best of both