​Preorders are now open for the 2020 season!

Please ensure that you include your preferred date with your order:


TUESDAY MAY 19 (After Victoria Day)

Caterpillar kits are in limited supply on a seasonal basis, and we reach capacity quickly.  ​Larvae kits are first-come, first-served - once our butterflies are done laying eggs each week, we can't get more, and we can't always guarantee what we'll have "in stock" during the spring. We recommend placing your order before March 1 to avoid wait lists and to get the ship date you wish!

 The earlier you place your order, the earlier in line you will be.

Orders are shipped priority overnight on the first day of the workweek by courier, no exceptions. You will typically receive them on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 
​*We include 10% extra larvae on top of the numbers listed as insurance against natural mortality rates. The numbers listed in the kits are your expected survival rates.
*Flight cages are sold separately from larvae kits. 

CLASSROOM STUDY KIT (#4) - $75.00 
28-30 Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae in Caterpillar Cup, with 30 individual 1 oz rearing vials and lids to transfer them into for rearing. Included is enough nutrient diet for all the caterpillars, paint brushes for safely moving them around, a feeding vial for adults and of course, our detailed complete instructions. Great for big groups!​

LIFE CYCLE KIT (#3) - $45.00 
12-15 Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae in Caterpillar Cup, with 15 individual 1 oz rearing vials and lids to transfer them into for rearing. Included is enough nutrient diet for all the caterpillars, paint brushes for safely moving them around, a feeding vial for adults and of course, our detailed complete instructions. Our classic kit that started it all.

REARING KIT (#2) - $24.00 
4-5 Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae in a single 16 oz rearing chamber already set up with enough nutrient diet to rear them (no transfer into smaller containers is necessary). Includes a paint brush for safe handling, adult feeding vial and complete instructions. Perfect for your own kids at home, small groups or back yard garden projects!

​*Flight cages for housing your adult butterflies are NOT included. These are sold separately and are combined with your larvae shipment should you choose to buy one.

Your adult butterflies will need a place to live; many people choose to make their own out of things like Ikea laundry hampers, or embriodery hoops and netting. If you need a cage (ours are collapsible for easy storage, parasite resistant, reusable, have a full zipper for easy access, and are simple to clean), please include one of these in your order. 
Small (suitable for kits #2 & #3)                                          $24.00 
Large (suitable for kit #4, or praying mantis)                    $34.00​​​

Please be aware we ship only priority overnight for the safety of your order. Please be aware the dates you choose are the dates we send the package out, so you can expect them the following day. If you are in Edmonton, orders arrive same day.
Shipping in Edmonton:                           $15.00
Shipping in Alberta:                                $25.00
Shipping in Canada:                                Starting at $35.00
(prices quoted by location)

New for fall 2017: We no longer offering pickup at our laboratory location. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 

​​Prices do not include taxes.

The metamorphosis of the butterfly - one of nature's most inspiring transformations.  Invigorate your class or child's education with an incredible opportunity to see the miracle of metamorphosis at it's most beautiful - HANDS ON!  Learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, from egg to adult, and how these special creatures make this amazing physical transformation from simple caterpillar to winged butterfly. 
Raising Kits are available for school Life Cycle science projects, Home School programs, or just for fun!  The only limit is your imagination.
All kits come with absolutely everything you need to raise your butterflies, including complete instructions!

Painted Lady Caterpillar Rearing Kits​
​Raise Your Own Painted Lady Butterflies 

-Customer satisfaction. Butterfly Wings n'  Wishes guarantees our projects. We will replace legitimately failed kits in-season immediately, at no cost to you. If kits cannot be replaced in season, we will carry your credit forward until the following year.
-We guarantee our shipping - we ship all orders priority overnight​ and by private courier, so that your larvae arrive safe & healthy the very next day.
-Food: we use a specially formulated scientific diet full of every nutrient your caterpillars need to grow up healthy.
-All kits come supplied with everything you need to feed and raise your caterpillars - this includes instructions, feeding vials, transfer and handling equipment, and extra food.
-Customer service: We pride ourselves on our personnel. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
-We run a disease free lab: all plants, larvae, and equipment we use is sterilized (using environmentally ethical methods) and under quarantine to guarantee the safety and health of our animals before they reach you. Our animals are housed in our federally approved, CFIA regulated facility in southeast Edmonton. 
-Environmentally friendly: all of our caterpillars are hand-raised, never wild caught. They are a native species and a beneficial pollinator - you're helping the ecosystem and boosting pollinator populations with every butterfly you release. Our lab practices high levels of environmentally friendly recycling and waste management procedure.
-Easy to use: we pride ourselves on our comprehensive instructions. You`ll receive a copy with your kit.

​Comments? Questions? Feedback? Please let us know, we want to hear what you have to say!