Curriculum and program expectations that are covered with the Bugs & Butterflies program:

​Early numeracy

Environment and Community Awareness
Personal and social responsibility
Physical skills​​​​

Grade 1:
Needs of Plants & Animals

Seasonal Changes

Grade 2:
Small Crawling & Flying

Grade 3:
​Life Cycles

Grade 4:
Waste & Our World

Butterflies & Bugs

What is the difference between a butterfly and a moth?

Where do insects spend the winter?

Are all spiders venemous?

What are the roles of bugs in their ecosystem?

And is there even a point to mosquitos?

These and many more pressing questions will be answered in an inquiry-based, child-led, play-forward program that is both dynamic and informative. 

We'll bring 6-8 "special guests" which we will take out for a meet and greet. We go one by one so all participants get a chance for their own personal experience. We start small and move up to the bigger critters. Most of these animals - providing they give consent! - can be interacted with hands-on, but as many of them are highly instinctive and can be flighty, the reptile program is better suited to kids under Kinder age.

This is a great time to get over phobias! You are safe with us. We don't bring anything truly dangerous: though bugs get scared pretty easy, so expect a fairl amount of crawling and flying! You may even get to see a mantis or a butterfly fly across the room.

Butterfly life stages are displayed, along with a selection of other safe and friendly "creepy crawlies" including isopods, millipedes, mantis, giant hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, scorpions and other critters both native and exotic. We'll explore the diversity and differences between these animals (arachnids, insects, and more), wild verses pet animals, and debunk some common myths. Educational, lively and entertaining.

Our presenters are comprehensively trained on both animal knowledge and inquiry-based teaching: we work hard to ensure everyone in the room (big and little!) has a safe, enjoyable time. 

Expect the content and language to be curated for your age group and curriculum. There will be time for questions throughout, and at the end.