Gloria Brons, founder, has always had an interest in unusual "creepy crawlies." From a young age, she suffered from a crippling fear of spiders - a phobia - but after having children of her own, she realized it would not be fair to pass this phobia along to her kids.

She started by simply encouraging her children to take an interest in the unusual and uncommon  -  owning a pet snake instead of a hamster, releasing spiders found in the bathtub into the garden (instead of squashing them). With this sense of curiosity instead of fear, they grew up without the phobias that had so affected her own childhood. Children are not born with these fears - they are taught them by lesson or by accident. Simply exposing people to these misunderstood animals drastically impact their interaticons with their own natural world - and those of their friends as well. Gloria came to the conclusion that lifelong respect and understanding for a living creature is as simple as holding a snake for the first time - and this lesson translates into many other aspects of a child's life as well.

Gloria obtained her first "classroom spider" in late 2000, and around the same time, began breeding native Painted Lady Butterflies for release and to provide classrooms with an ecologically positive project to observe life cycles in an educational setting.

She travels Alberta with a team of like-minded individuals, armed with her asenal of friendly critters, "saving the world, one child at a time."

Over a decade later, Butterfly Wings N' Wishes now offers a wide variety of educational programs, interactions, and fun activities for kids of all ages - always with this goal in mind.

To positivly impact both a child's mindset about his or her world, and the future of our natural world.

Our Story

Our Mission

At Butterfly Wings n' Wishes Ltd., we are conservation and education oriented. We believe every creature deserves a chance to be loved and understood.

Alberta's Environmental Educators - Since 2000

What We Offer

Our Passion

It's all about the kids. Without the interest of future generations, thousands of species are in danger of disappearing forever.

-Caterpillar Rearing Kits

-Live Animal Classroom Educational Presentations

-Pollinator Conservation Programs 

-Native Reptile & Amphibian  Programs

-Conservation and Habitat Consultation

​-Mason & Leafcutter Bee Cocoons

-Praying Mantis Egg Cases

-Red Wiggler Worms

-Isopods for Composting 

-Environmental & Conservation Programs in Alberta

-Interactive, Hands-On Projects and Ideas

-Teaching Aids

-Live Butterflies for Special Events

-One-Of-A-Kind, Unforgettable Experiences